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Bip Mobile is the first Italian low cost broadband and telecommunications company, providing high quality services for mobile telephony operations.

Trainae DMCC took care of every aspect of the Bip Mobile online presence. Trainae built the whole online structure of Bip Mobile: our team developed the official operational App for the customers to access their Bip Mobile accounts.





Defenx creates and develops technologies, products and services to ensure maximum safety and high protection against any form of threat or malware. Defenx offers software products for security and provide a complete range of softwares able to cover all the market needs in this sector.

Defenx Mobile Security Suite

Defenx Mobile Security Suite is a suite featuring multiple applications designed for

the unconscious needs of all Mobile users. With Defenx , whether the user is a security novice or expert he can simply configure it to meet his needs. Thanks to the automated and context-sensitive help feature the software learns how to handle alerts and more efficiently adjust to them, allowing him to focus on what he wants to do leaving all security management to Defenx.The Mobile Security Suite is an all-in-one product that includes:

Defenx AntiTheft is a solution for all mobile devices that enables data management, the geolocalization of the device through GPS. In case of loss or theft Defenx allows you to manage remote data until they are cleared through a special Web portal, ensuring the highest level of protection and security. Developed specifically for mobile devices Defenx AntiTheft is simple and effective and does not require any special technical knowledge.

Defenx AntiSpam offers complete control on SMS and MMS messages. The easy-to-use application will help you minimize the spam (unwanted email) receiving, selecting and identifying them as Welcome (white list) on Unwelcome (black list). You can easily manage all incoming mail messages with the simple addition of each new sender to the appropriate list.

Defenx AntiVirus provides complete protection against malware, malicious applications and much more. The heart of the application is a powerful scanning engine specially designed and optimized for mobile devices. Defenx AntiVirus monitors, manages and scans the entire device both automatically after each download and on request. It scans each application or incoming files. Each scan operation is diverted on Cloud Defenx, which scans the files and applications by comparing them with the present and authorized definitions. After the scan, the result that will be shown on the screen is sent to the device in order to proceed to the cancellation of the reported malware.

Trainae DMCC is the official supplier for Middle East of Defenx Antivirus, one of the most efficient and powerful worldwide software to protect PC against Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Worm, and any other forms of computer threat.





Dromedian is an international company that provides tech solutions, software development, IT Security and hardware design and planning.

Trainae DMCC is the official supplier for Middle East of iMeeting Room, a business App that empower the user to reach other users, customers, clients or colleagues via the Internet in real time through online meeting and video conferencing.